Christmas Spirit

Only about ten days to go until Christmas! I have to admit I have been a bit lacking in Christmas spirit this year.

Last year we went to Guam for Christmas. I spent the day with my two boys in the hotel pool. We went to TGI Friday for dinner and had pizza. How festive is that? Mr. Mee a Bee was at work so we made the trip by ourselves (me and the two kids).

I find it hard making Christmas a big deal since nobody else around us does. This year Christmas will be on Thursday. Mr.Mee a Bee will leave for work at 6.30 am and he won't return home until about 8 or 8.30 pm. That means a normal day for me looking after the kids. No time to open all the presents, try on new clothes, eat chocolates for breakfast or do anything as a family. As for the meal, my kids are so fussy I don't feel like putting in the effort to make a roast dinner only to have it picked at or thrown on the floor.

As you can see I am feeling a bit poor me today. My question is what do other families do to make Christmas a big event? if you have to be away from family and your home traditions? I know it's worth it for the children but how do you feel about being the source of all of it?


  1. Hi !
    I've been facing the same kind of mixed feelings at the approach of Christmas since I moved to Japan. 8 years later, I still haven't found a "solution", but two years ago, I've started a few new traditions of my own, like decorating the entrance of the apartment or inviting friends for diner on the 24th, finding a pretty (illuminated !) spot where to have a walk and a nice hot chocolate...that kind of things ! It is still a strange few weeks here in Japan.
    This year I feel quite lucky to go home for the holidays. I'll try to soak in as much Christmas spirit as I can !

    I hope you and your family will have the sweetest Christmas !

  2. Yes, we decorate and stuff like that. I think mainly I feel tired that's why I am not really into it.

    I think I need to talk to Mr. about him getting more into the spirit. Since it's important to me.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. I'm not a fan of Christmas usually, but this year I 'm looking for Christmas!
    I want to have the feeling of inner peace - everything is done (Etsy orders, cleaning etc) and I have this quiet moment for me and my family. It's the time of thinking of your family, grandparents, to wish them well, to wish them light and love.
    I hope we'll have a white Christmas here....It's just so beautiful and symbolic...
    We'll see :)

  4. Although I can't imagine what its like or how you are feeling, it must be a real challenge for you when you're roots are in one tradition, but you're living in another parallel universe.

    I was thinking that Christmas is just the same day all over the world, like any other day, but what makes it magic is how you choose to either acknowledge it or celebrate it. Your roots are no less important than Mr MeeABee's - maybe you can together think up some creative ways that you can all get excited about and in the process, create some of your own unique traditions, food, events etc. that will not only lift your spirits, but give your boys some amazing memories. And similarly with Japanese traditions your husband grew up with.

    Besides, Christmas Day is a good excuse to plan and do some indulgent and great things with the boys (or for yourself) for the day in any case!

  5. I'm feeling the same squeeze here. Mr. Medea has no days off in December, work is 5:30am to 8, 9 or 10pm, and I just want to celebrate it as a family. Luckily my son doesn't mind staying up, so we'll eat dinner together on the 24th and Santa will come while son and I are out for a walk. I can make the tourtiere in advance and just warm it in the oven.
    I'm having a big party at my house on the 23rd, and although my husband won't be there, he'll appreciate the leftovers I think!

  6. last night I broached the topic with him. I suggested he come home early ... he didn't answer so that means he might be giving it some thought.

  7. SO understand your dilemma, Blooming. After several years of zero spirit around here, I finally got with it(last year) and decorated, complete with fresh great-smelling HUGE (read expensive) tree. It was SO worth it, and the fact that it was Grandma's present to us (on her ccard) helped on the financing end. I did that extravagant thing because I had invited my mil to Yokohama for Christmas. We had a nice time going to several events with no 1 son, with and without dh. The fave was 'illumination' near the port. And definitely opening presents a few days before when Papa can be with us...doesn't have to be the 25th. Picking a day we're all together (conveniently the Emperor has a birthday near Jesus!) is essential for us. Do you have a church nearby you can go to a carol sing or candlelight service? Even if not a 'member' it helps to brighten the spirit, neh?

  8. Things are starting to improve Ruth. Mr. Mee a Bee has agreed to come home early.
    If the good weather continues we will feel like we're in NZ. We might even have a BBQ.
    We could go to carols at the kindergarten where Biggie attended, that's an idea I have had in the back of my mind.
    Thanks for your advice!


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