The day is half over

Last night's cookies were well received today. I packaged them in cello bags and closed them with lovely bright pink chip clips that I'd picked up at Ikea. They looked so sweet.

I didn't bake a cake - shock horror - I served an orange loaf that I had bought at Costco. I had wrapped it in a double layer of oven paper then inside a ziploc bag in the fridge. This morning I freshened it up for ten minutes in the oven (still wrapped). It was moist and delicious and ever so slightly warm.

At 11.30 I dashed over to pick up Little Guy - it's a huge thunder storm here so I had to drive. Then we detoured into the Post Office. As I left home it crossed my mind to check my email but I didn't. Low and behold an order had come in during Chatty Cafe so I'll need to dash to the PO again later today. Today's the last day for International shipping before Christmas.

That's the day half over. I still have a lot to do today.

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  1. Sounds like you're on the ball. Hang in there:) Kia kaha!/You can do it!



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