Day's end

It's been full on today. I taught a lesson this morning to three sweet little girls - we did some holiday baking - yum! This afternoon I dropped Biggie off at a Christmas party and went into the city. I got the things I wanted and enjoyed a much needed afternoon out by myself! My feet are killing me so I am having an early night.

One nice thing about being in Japan for Christmas is the lights. All the stores and a lot of homes are lit up with Christmas lights. We miss out on that in New Zealand because it's summer and therefore Daylight Savings. It doesn't get dark until after nine but here it's getting dark around five.

Last night my two boys and I trooped around our neighborhood looking at the decorated homes and then came back for hot chocolate. It's barely cold enough to warrant a hot drink on return but we all got a kick out of doing something out of the ordinary.

Just a few days until Christmas!

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