Dude where's my bag?

If buying one of these bags meant that the dad would take full responsibility for all it entails I am totally into it. Diaper Dude.

I've had a nightmare day at the store today. Actually it was only an hour. A long and torturous hour doing ... you guessed it - shoe shopping.

I can't bring myself to trust the dad to buy the right thing, which is why I keep subjecting myself to this pain.

Two pairs for Biggie and one pair for Little. Hopefully that will tide us over for the next few months.


  1. haha, the never - ending shopping for shoes! I know how it is.......! Their feet just grow and grow ..... and you just shop and shop ...:))

  2. I highly recommend finding yourself a daughter. They are lots of fun for shoe shopping. "Fun" being a relative term. LOL! I send Devil Boy, Super Sister, and Dad off to Japanese Granny with instructions for her to take him shoe shopping. She buys loads of crap that DD doesn't need and I don't want, but DS gets his shoes, as ugly as they may turn out to be - no fuss no muss for me!

  3. Yes but when you have a daughter they want EVERY pair of shoes they lay eyes on - their size or not!!! I don't know where she gets it from...

    I love the diaper dude. I had the same idea when Mac was born and I bought one of these Skip Hop Duo's...

    I LOVE it - small, compact, clips to everything including the shopping trolley, washes well and is very dad friendly. I can SO recommend one.


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