The Famous Five

Biggie has to make a one minute speech at school today. He was panic-stricken that he had not done anything exciting yesterday to talk about until I reminded him of the story we are reading.

We or I mean he got two books from the Famous Five series for his birthday. I don't know who is enjoying it more, me or him! Last night we had to read a couple of extra chapters and peep ahead to see if the children were going to escape a dangerous situation. It was really gripping.

Published in 1942, life is wonderfully simple and carefree. Exactly as childhood should be. These days it's inconceivable that four children would be able to camp by themselves on a deserted island or go on half the adventures these children go on. It makes me sad to see how much the world has changed. But it's wonderful to see how Biggie's face lights up as he listens to the story and imagines himself as one of the Famous Five. I can let him dream a bit longer.


  1. We're reading it too!

  2. These were one of my favourite series of books when I was younger!

  3. What a lovely post! It has been only this week at work we've all been lamenting how screwed the world is at the moment and I reckon we all need a bit of Famous Five to keep some optimism and perspective :)

    Lemonade for everyone!

  4. Cool! I was raised on Enid Blyton...loved the Famous Five series.

    And, on Saturday night we watched Enigma, and in the special feature interviews afterwards, Kate Winslet said that she felt her character was like George from the Famous Five!

    So, with your post, it's been a Famous Five week!

  5. I loved those books too, and The Secret Seven - although my overriding memory now is of the huge amounts of food the children consumed - piles of sandwiches, sticky slabs of fruitcake, lashings od gingerbeer etc etc. And porridge AND bacon AND eggs AND toast for breakfast! It's lucky they were so busy having adventures outdoors, or they all would have been enormous ;-)


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