Getting through the day

It's been a great holiday season for me and my shop so far. Then just when I thought things would quieten down I've had a rush of custom orders come in. Luckily my plans for tomorrow have fallen through so I can devote part of the day to sewing.

A few people have asked me if I plan to close the shop for a while over Christmas. Initially I said no but now I am thinking it would be a good idea for the sake of the family. Mr. Mee a Bee made the comment a few days ago "They never let you sleep!". That's quite true. There is so much behind the scenes work to do. Plus the rest of my life!

Here's a rundown of the past couple of days:
Thursday 9pm - halfway through a batch of chocolate cookies for Chatty Cafe. 11.00pm wrapping the now cooled cookies before watching TV for the first time in a week.
Friday 6.30am - scrabbling for Biggie's school stuff while wrestling the toaster out of Little Guy's arms.
Chatty Cafe starts at 10am, must vaccum up toast crumbs, clean bathroom, get both myself and Little Guy presentable.
9.40am burn off down the road in a thunderstorm to drop Little Guy at the sitter, get back as chatters are arriving.
11.30 hurry the chatters out, race over to get a grumpy Little Guy, dash into the post office and come home for a quick lunch.
Midday-ish, catch up on emails and book-keeping then hurridly fill out Co-op order, meantime Biggie is back from school (already!) Thanks to Costco I have plenty of filled rolls in the freezer which I have remembered to defrost for his afternoon snack.
3pm Little Guy is up and still grumpy, he throws his roll on the floor behind the couch. I am ignoring him as I photocopy pages for the evening reading class.
4pm Co-op comes, good timing as I am racing out again in twenty minutes. Little Guy helps put the shopping away. Quarter of an hour later I trip over a bag of frozen meat that he's left in the dining room!
4.20pm we bundle into the car and head back to the post office before going to pick up one and drop off the other. Biggie and his friend are working on their reading and writing. Their spelling is very creative so it's well-needed. We enjoy an hour of Eye-Spy, Boggle and wordgames. Little Guy comes back happy and hungry.
I'll skip dinner as it's my witching hour, most days without fail. We'll zoom up to 8pm when Mr. Mee a Bee finally arrives home almost 14 hours after he left in the morning. I fall asleep on the couch after a truly exhausting day only to wake up at 6.30am today do it all again.


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