Happy Birthday Me!

A bountiful treasure trove of gifts from my kids.
Wonderful examples of 7 year old's spelling:
wartarfool = waterfall, hamik = hammock, parm trea = palm tree

Looks like the theme for my birthday is pirates, my favorite ... (?)

Thanks for all the e-cards, emails, text messages, Facebook notes!!!

37 today


  1. Happy Birthday my dear! Wow, 37 sounds impressive. Hope you have a lovely day and that those boys spoil you rotten!
    Thinking of you with lots of love,
    Cathy, JP and Eleanor xxx

  2. Happy Birthday girlfriend,

    what an awesome year you've had:)

    All the best for today and the year ahead.


  3. aha!!! so that's why you look so young and fabulous in your photo. You are only 37!!!!!

    Happy birthday, darlin' and many happy returns!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    And welcome to 37 :) I just arrived here too!

  5. Happy Birthday Jacqui! :)

    i love your boys drawings! and of course i love your sewing ;)

    stay happy always and smile lots!

  6. a big happy 37 to you.
    i hope this next year is super great.
    better than you could ever imagine!

  7. Happy birthday Jacqui!

    To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am :)

  8. Wow!!!! the messages from everyone are so wonderful!!!!! thank you.

    Completely makes up for my husband, who is half in the dog house for not mentioning my birthday until he came home from work at 8pm - he left home before I woke up.

    Next year I will be sure to tell him birthday protocol - text, email, phone call even a post-it note are essential on b-day.

    Grrrr. Never marry a foreigner! Are birthdays really not that much of a big deal in his culture? or never marry a man - are birthdays not that much of a big deal on Mars????

    At least I know my boys will NEVER grow up to forget or dismiss birthdays. Mr. didn't forget just didn't see the need to make a fuss.

  9. I hope you had a wonderful birthday despite the wonderful man in your life not remembering/fussing. From memory Japanese men were never much into fussing.


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