In the garden

While my mother was here we got inspired by the Co-op catalogs full of pictures of beautiful spring bulbs. We ordered a brilliantly simple set.

It consisted of a circular cardboard tray full of bulbs. The bulbs will flower at different times throughout the season to give several months of color and interest in the garden. All we had to do was buy the potting mix (we found an old pot in the garden) and pop in the tray!

We've already had a show of green. Biggie did the planting so it's a great project for kids. It seems to be foolproof (though Biggie has green thumbs).

Are you inspired by my domestic charm? The dreary life of a housewife? Check out this beautiful book Gentle Art of Domesticity. Or spend a couple of hours poking around Melanie's blog. There are giveaways and free downloads hidden in there.

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