A little garage sale

Those of you who know me personally, in person I mean, may know that I have recently had some trouble online. Mainly with posting forums - disagreements and things being misinterpreted - petty stuff really. As a result I have made a vow NOT to visit any of these groups, indefinitely. However I have something I want to sell.

I thought I'd see if any of my friends here in Japan would be interested in purchasing Grey's Anatomy SEASON 4 - the complete disk set - expanded version. I pre-ordered this from the USA in September. It's the US version so it does not have Japanese subtitles. Each disk has been watched twice by myself and my friend who is a smoker. The disks are in perfect condition but the case arrived cracked - the tiny pieces that hold the disks inside the case have snapped off on some. The cardboard outer case is fine and is the one pictured.

I am asking 3000 yen plus shipping.
Payment by PayPal or bank transfer to my bank or Post Office account.

Would this make a great Christmas present? for yourself? email me to my flapjacs account or meeabee both gmail accounts. First in first served, thanks!


  1. dang it. we are waiting for season 4 to hit the rental shops here. which will be awhile. but we need the subtitles. dang it.

  2. what we did was put the hearing impaired subtitles on. Mr. Mee a Bee was able to watch the whole season and enjoy it. he's addicted just like me. Now I am waiting for season 5 to hit amazon or somewhere!

  3. sounds like you're having a rough patch! hopefully it will sort itself out.

    i tend to watch things online. not many subtitles, though. :D

  4. hey, did you see the patrick dempsey interview over on scribbit?

    She used one of my questions and I get a bottle of the cologne!!!!!

    i can't get your dvds because my player is japanese only......

  5. Knowing the risks, do people still smoke these days ;)

  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles online, it happens to the best of us, I hope you don't let anyone bully you or push you into quitting something- as I am sure they are the minority...

    I missed season Three, but I am sure looking forward to Ugly Betty 2 on Super Drama TV and.... darn.. what is the other one... "Ghost Whisperer" I am bummed that I won't be here when they air... if you have other DVDs let me know..

    BTW.. the curtain worked out fabulously....


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