My last week of work

Things are winding down here at Mee a Bee HQ. Today is the last Chatty Cafe of the year. I've made a banana cake. The combination of my new ring pan from Ikea, the only-ripe-as-opposed to almost-rotten bananas and my fan bake oven meant the cake cooked in 30 minutes - almost half the time it should have taken. I am praying it tastes OK and that I did not forget to put in some crucial ingredient!

Later this week I have a couple of other lessons to teach including Biggie's reading class. Which reminds me I still have not ordered the textbook. Remind me to do that! Biggie also needs a small secret santa gift to take to the Christmas party at the gym on Saturday.

As for sewing I am still planning new items for Spring. I have a few things already made. Plus I had a very exciting inquiry from a cute boutique yesterday so I hope that works out for a larger order. I may well spend my New Year's break sewing!

So the cake is made and half the cleaning is done but I had better get cracking.

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