We have a new postie (post man). He's young and no fun at all. Not like our old postie who was so friendly. This new one refuses to give the mail directly to the kids. And he never cracks a smile. I hope he is only a temp. We loved our old postie.

The new guy brought me this lovely parcel today. A nice little birthday gift I got for myself ;) Have you ever tried handmade shampoo that comes in the form of a bar? I haven't but I am willing to try anything - my head is resisting any kind of commercially produced shampoo, lotion or styling product. This is from DressGreen


  1. I use bar soap to lesson the chemicals and the perfume-- what scents did you get?

  2. orange and undressed - scent free

  3. ohh let me know what you think about it - I've never used a bar shampoo before but these look great!

  4. Yummy shampoo.

    I use Lush shampoo bars. They are better for the environment and me, and they smell amazing!
    I am pretty sure you have Lush in Japan too.

    I hope your postie warms up and enjoys his job a little more, or you get your other one back soon!


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