Think Pink

Mommy from hell was here earlier this week - several times in fact. Thursday night I decided that the noise levels were one of the things that were driving me crazy. I've solved that problem by getting myself this nifty gadget.

Yes, it's an iPod. The last portable music device I bought was a Walkman that I saved up for and bought before I set off on a student exchange to Tahiti - twenty one years ago.

So far the iPod is pretty great. But Biggie is not here this weekend and Little Guy has a cold so there's not much noise in the house anyway. I'll put it to the test next week when we are in the battle zone (otherwise known as the dinner table).

I am thinking calm pink thoughts now.

Thanks Mum for sending me the soundtrack from Grey's Anatomy. I love it!

Thank you Mr. A for paying for my iPod (in exchange for English lessons for this month).


  1. Oh lucky you!! You can download crafty podcasts too! I used my iPod to download Japanese lessons, but must admit I didn't get very far...I hope you enjoy plugging in your ears and going to your new 'happy place' :)

  2. uuummmmmmmm my happy place. i was not there today. i am trying to get back


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