Thoughts on boys

I spend a lot of time composing blog posts in my head. Thoughts that occur to me throughout the day. Topics that might be interesting to research. Things I want to look up. The Internet is truly amazing but so far, as far as I know, it doesn't have the ability to link directly to my brain thus eliminating the need to sit down in my cold office and physically type. I wish it could do that ... sometimes. Although I dare say 99.9% of my thoughts are of absolutely no interest to anyone. Even me ... sometimes.

Over the past few days, since I have been home with my boys all the time, thoughts have included:

* Add one boy, noise levels multiply ten times (Biggie had a friend over to play)
* Boys cannot help making a mess in the toilet/bathroom, live with it (my mum's advice)
* Boys and girls really are different. (Biggie's friend's sister was here for a couple of hours as well, such a dream to look after)
* When you have boys there will be endless balls in your life and they will be thrown
* Boys really do love fart jokes and karate chopping and air punching
* Smelly sneakers and socks are part of the territory
* I have no one to blame for hairballs down the drain except myself


  1. LOL!

    I am so glad I have one of each. They balance each other out.

  2. LOL! girls are not without their drama I am sure.

  3. Oh,yes. La Drama!!

    Boys, at least mine, are hard physically while girls, again mine specifically, are harder emotionally I think.


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