Time for me to get a life?

I have been busy sewing for Christmas since the end of the summer holidays. Three months solid of late nights. In the past two weeks I have been up till at least midnight or one most nights, sewing, tweaking, packaging. It's finally time for me to have a rest. Shipping times are down to the wire, I think this Friday will be the close off date for International shipping. Since most of Mee a Bee's customers are in the USA I will not be too busy through to the end of the year. Little Guy and I are going to take some time out this morning with a quick trip to the post office and then coffee with friends. Little Guy will be able to run around outside. He'll love that! While I am out there is lots to see at Mee a Bee.

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  1. thanks for your lovely work and i am imagine the nights you are up sewing and packing! :)


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