What's on the iPod?

How much do I love my iPod?? Very very much. I have asked Santa to bring me an itunes gift card so I can load up more songs. This is what is on it at the moment.

Feist - one song is on the Grey's Anatomy CD. She was first recommended to me by Alfalfa. I am very out of touch with music so I hadn't heard of her before. Let me tell you I love her.

This morning my Google alerts let me know that Sarah Jane had written about her recent Mee a Bee purchases on her blog. I was really happy to read all about that and spent some time reading through her blog. I am a big fan of her art and had no idea she had such a lovely blog. Anyway in searching for the link to Feist Sarah Jane's blog post about it popped up on top of the list. You know what? I think my computer has some kind of intelligent search feature, through Google desktop. Anyway it's so cool to know that all the girls find Feist's melancholic songs perfect for late night creating and solitude.

Nina Simone - years ago I house-sat for a couple of friends. They had tons of really good CDs. I've never been into music all that much so I never had any good stuff. I loved to see what other people had. Nina Simone was one they had. More melancholy.

But to spice it up a bit I have Kylie Minogue, Jordin Sparks and even the new Britney song, Womanizer.

But since I am still feeling unexcited about Christmas I am skipping the upbeat pop songs and just repeating the songs that suit my mood. Let's see how a quick dash to the bookshop today does at putting some jingle in my shoes. Biggie wrote his letter to Santa yesterday (talk about short notice) but I think I can make it happen :)

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