Praise for Mee a Bee

I am spending the evening taking it easy (otherwise known as Mr. Mee a Bee is hogging the TV). I am working on ideas for Mee a Bee. I thought a review of what customers have said about Mee a Bee would be a great place to start. Isn't it lovely? I jigged it on but the actual words are all things people have really said :) thank you!


  1. What a clever idea and site! Where do you keep finding such treasures?

  2. waaaaayyyy too much time on the internet :)
    isn't it great?

  3. This is so lovely - you should print and frame this and hang it above your desk to remind you how wonderful you are ;)

    This is a great site! I've just typed in all of Mackenzie's words and sayings and it has come out beautifully. (Gee...would make a lovely quilt...)

    You find such good internet treasure!!!


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