An apple a day

I was so tired this afternoon I almost had a nap but I soon perked up after I found a little bar of chocolate in the pantry that Mr. Mee a Bee had bought for me the other day.

I turned my newfound energy to planning some little girl's tote bags. This really awesome fabric is heavyweight canvas that will be tough for my sewing machine to get through so whatever is made has to be simple in style without too many bulky seams.

I am planning to attach cheerful red straps to the outside and make little bucket totes for summer picnics. I also have the same fabric in granny smith green. It's fantastic. That's my evening buttoned up!


  1. Thanks Nerida!

    The background is just a pegboard that used to be a notice board in Biggie's room. It's better than my wallpaper! I am thinking about painting my sky background for spring.


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