Attempts at Illustration

My crayon sketch and my Illustrator sketch

It's absolutely freezing today. Grey and gloomy. We're dressed but only just, we definitely didn't want to get out of our pjs today.

We've had an arts and crafts morning. Biggie is perfecting his sketches of Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch, yes they watch a lot of TV on cold days). Little Guy was not content to scribble on his paper for long so he threw the crayons onto the floor so he could spend some time sitting in the corner pondering his actions.

I sketched out some ideas for Mee a Bee. Always thinking, I am moving away from bees and whimsy. I want to say "Cute and Playful". These two kids will eventually have bodies so I can put the bags on them. I did them with Mr. Mee a Bee's laptop. He's got Illustrator. I cannot afford it. You think it's hard in English? try doing it in Japanese! I think they look good so far.


  1. You are doing well Ilook forward to seeing the finished drawing

  2. Thanks Shayne. I'm pretty pleased with myself so far. They have that great cutesy Japanese look to them I think (I hope)

  3. Hey! I love your blog! I also wanted to share mine with you:


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