The busiest day!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mee a Bee!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tee!

Two birthdays in the family today. One BIG one (the big 4-0) and one "my lips are sealed" event. I hope you've both had a great day.

I have been super busy and not really with either of these birthdays, although we did get up at six to wish our birthday boy a happy day before he left for work.

Next on the list was baking, again, not for the birthday, but for Chatty Cafe. I made the yummiest chocolate brownies and have found a recipe that's a keeper! My criteria: no creaming the butter (melt & mix); not too many eggs - two is ideal, three tops; cocoa powder not real chocolate; other standard pantry ingredients and not too long to bake. This met all those conditions and was delicious. It's all gone so that's evidence of its success and no, I did not eat it all myself.

I know you are reading this incredulously. Yeah right, she ate it all herself! Not this time since I have a killer headache. It's probably just the dregs of my cold/sore throat but chocolate is one of the things I steer clear of when I have a headache given my history of migraines.

Despite feeling a bit sick the show must go on. I had a rush order in the shop that I needed to sew. I was pleased to get this done fairly quickly while Little Guy took a nap and before Biggie got home from school. E is the lucky girl who is getting it, her mom is hoping it will arrive before her birthday next week. It's a covered notebook, felt and the last of the violin lesson fabric from Kokka. I had just a tiny bit left.

Whew! Are you still with me? Little Guy woke up and we dashed to the Post Office. Biggie asked why we had to bike so fast but it was cold!!! Even though its cold we bought an ice cream cake for Mr. He's pretty fond of ice cream and I think he won't mind if the cake is not homemade.

Our last stop was the supermarket. I splurged on some smoked salmon and a bottle of cream for Mr.'s favorite pasta for dinner. Bon appetit! Happy Birthday!


  1. Just want to wish Mr Mee a Bee a very Happy Birthday, hope he had a great day.

  2. Thanks Sue! He said he had the best evening ever!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Meeabee hope you had a great day, we all had a great celebration here with Mrs T

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope you enjoyed his big day too! :)


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