Cool in black

Mum commented on one of the pictures below that Biggie looked like a model. Today I twisted his arm and got him to try on one of the new Mee a Bee messenger bags.

I almost never get either one of them to pose for photos with the bags. Little Guy won't even try them on at all. I still try though since I need to check the sizes and length of the straps to make sure the bag is a good fit for the age I am marketing it for. Biggie is seven years old. This bag is extended to almost its maximum length so I know it's good for his age and younger. I have to allow for the child who is slightly rounder than this bean pole.

Bag is linen, lined in brown & white pin striped broadcloth. Flap is linen printed with dogs. Labs, golden retrievers, beagles. It's a fun fabric that you may recognize from last year. This is only the second thing I have made. Biggie doesn't like dogs much but he has given this bag the "Biggie Seal of Approval".

Biggie is wearing his new t-shirt that my aunty sent for Christmas, thanks! He's not really this thin, it's the weird angle of the shot.

As you can see the sun has disappeared. Seems to be the way lately. It starts out lovely then clouds over mid-afternoon which sends the temperature plummeting.


  1. Love the tee shirt!!! and the bag..

  2. He looks FABULOUS! Great photos and awesome bag (as always). He is quite the little model indeedy!

  3. Thanks Shayne!

    And thank you Nerida, your comments are so kind :) so happy to see you popping in this week.

  4. I just want you to know - I was lecturing my two college aged sons about the upcoming start of the winter semester - and I told them your 7-year old son was studying an hour a day over vacation..... and that their noses had better be in books starting next Monday. Thought you would get a chuckle over that....and then I started my lecture about the "new economy"....hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I loved the pictures lately!

  5. I am sure they loved being shown up by a 7 year old! Thanks Carol!


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