Eleventh hour update

It's been another write-off day in terms of updating my blog. It's kind of a trend lately and I think one reason is that's it's cold and I don't want to do anything! My office is freezing.

It was a holiday today so we were all home and I got to have a sleep-in. That took up a good part of the morning.

Once I finally got going Biggie and I worked on our projects while Little Guy and Mr. went for a drive. I managed to finish two of those cute froggy bags. I am really pleased with them because I mastered a new technique that makes a great final product.

Biggie started a new painting which will be for his dad's birthday. He is turning 40 in a couple of weeks. Whoa Nelly! 40!! He was only 27 when I met him. Oh to be young again.

Did I mention that I had bought a new mattress for Little Guy's bed? Well it was delivered today and what do you know I won't fit on the bed! It won't be a problem to exchange or get a refund, in fact we have already arranged it but it took me over an hour to locate the receipt. What a waste of time. In the end I found it neatly filed with the warranty cards in the cupboard instead of in the credit card receipt file where I was looking, in another cupboard. Since I have about a million receipts dating from the past ten years I was almost certain I had not thrown it away. What a frustrating experience. And how annoying the mattress doesn't fit.

Chatty Cafe is on tomorrow, first of the year, we'll be having carrot cake. I'll have to be up early to make the cream cheese frosting. Yummy! See you after lunch hopefully.

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