Etsy puts out a call to Non-US sellers

Last Friday I woke up early to receive an exciting phone call from a couple of staffers from the marketing department of Etsy. I was really excited about speaking to them, sharing ideas and hearing about some of the things they have planned for the future. It was early since they were calling from New York. It was a bit of a squeeze getting the call in before they finished for the day on Thursday and for me to be awake in Osaka on Friday. But we did it and it was great - worth getting up for. You know me, I LOVE surveys and marketing talk!

This week Etsy has invited all non-US sellers to complete a survey which will hopefully help the team make improvements. Since I was one of the people they chatted to there's a little link to my site on The Storque. Woohoo! Read all about it here.
Even if you don't care about my little spotlight read the article and take the survey before Friday, January 23, 2009 if you are an Etsy seller, outside the USA.

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