Frustrations over DIY projects

And three hours later I get the hook attached to the wall ...

Who else feels absolute frustration over the quality of their walls? Our walls are drywall/plasterboard which crumble into a dry powder at the slightest mention of drilling holes. In all my years here in Japan I have yet to discover a truly perfect toggle bolt. Since I love DIY projects and especially hanging shelves I need to find a solution.

For now this hook from Ikea is securely fastened to the wall in my storage room. As long as my kids (or anyone else for that matter) do not pull on it too hard it should stay.


  1. :) we have very strong concrete walls around us here - almost too strong to drill ANY holes in it!

  2. Same problem here. Our walls are wooden boards but our ceilings aren't. As I found out the hard way. DS now has a hole in his ceiling where I tried to fix an Ikea product...

    Hope you're feeling better:)

  3. crappy walls. not enough decent studs to grab on to. good luck keeping those hooks up!!!

  4. I bought Phillip a really cool hook to hang on the wall. Its in the shape of an arrow. Unfortunately, we can't hang it anywhere in the house that it would be much use. Jealous of your apron hook. Very cool.

  5. Too hard to soft - seems like a global problem. Like Jan said where are the studs???

    and when is someone going to get me a stud finder? it's been on my wish list for years!


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