Heading Down South

Skinny laMinx is the work of artist Heather Moore. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She's well known in the blogging world. I love her new tea towel (and cushion cover) called "I wish we had Ikea". It will appeal to my mum since I'm sure that's a phrase that has passed her lips a few times. Ikea is not in New Zealand either. Heather's tea towel is the result of swooning over an Ikea catalog that someone sent her. Isn't that cool? You can read more about it on her website Skinny laMinx.com

I have a tea towel obsession lately. Not just any old tea towel but screen printed ones. It all started when my friends gave me a red tiki tea towel by Tribe Culture NZ (pictured). You can get them online at Buckton&Day, on sale!

Then my friend Katharine from Alfalfa sent me two really awesome tea towels from Laughing Bird Australia.

Three makes the start of a collection! There are lots more on Etsy, it could be dangerous. Spin Spin Handmade and Shaky Isles are favorites of mine from the southern hemishere (NZ and Australia).

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  1. i love vintage tea towels.

    i also love the touristy cotton/linen tea towels.

    i love tea towels. I use them, too.


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