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You've seen the movie Holiday, right? When Cameron and Kate swap their respective homes and take a holiday abroad? This is something I have thought about doing. I mainly just want to visit my friends and family at home in New Zealand. Since I have the two kids now traveling is expensive and difficult. There are just too many of us!

Anyone have an experience to relay or website to recommend? There seem to be so many Home Exchange type sites, some free, some not. It's hard to know which to go with.

Wanted: house swap Osaka, Japan for Auckland, New Zealand (August 2009 or 2010)


  1. sorry, can not help you at all.

    i just wanted to shout out loud so that everyone can hear that you are a wonderful, fabulous and generous person and thank you for indulging my passion.

    i guess that a project with your name on it is in the works!!!!

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE home exchange! I am frequently browsing home exchange websites and finding all the really cool places that we could go sometime in the future. I haven't got a favourite website, I normally just look at whatever comes up first in google. I just think it's a fantastic idea and hope to try it sometime.

    Of course I wouldn't want to come to Japan while you were in NZ as then I wouldn't get to see you.

  3. nice surprise hey jan?

    karen, you'd be top on our list to see when we come back so no swap for us!

  4. Mrs Mee a Bee you can swap with me anytime Oh If only that would work... dreaming I am

  5. yes, it sounds good but then no!

  6. You should swap with Rob, then Ayumi could see her family.

  7. You know Sal, that might be the best idea!


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