Introducing Vlas Store

Are you inspired by nature, texture, fabric, food, vintage and Zakka design? Well you're in good company.

Freelance graphic designer Vivian Loh cites these as her sources of inspiration. And look at her creations!

These zakka style notebooks are handmade by Vivian in Malaysia. She recently opened her own Etsy store to share her designs with the world. Vlas Store has been open for less than two weeks and I predict great success.

I got in touch with Vivian to ask how she makes these journals. This is what she replied:

These are the steps how I make my journal:

1. Design a cute cover.
2. Print it onto textured paper.
3. Wrap it onto the hard artboard to become my hardcover.
4. Bind it together with some good quality sketch paper.
5. Put a page marker on it. Print out a cute label sticker. It's done!

She uses the finest Japanese paper, 120gsm, not too thick, not too soft and just right for ink, pencil & pen. They sound delicious.

I love them and I think you will too. Vlas Store onEtsy.

Images are from Vlas Store and are not to be copied without permission.
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