It's Year of the Cow

According to Japanese zodiacs this year it's the year of the cow (ushi). I think in English we usually say Year of the Ox or perhaps Bull but cows are kind of cuter I guess.

Last week we popped into the small shrine near where Mr. Mee a Bee grew up to send up a prayer for the coming year. As always I headed straight for the gift shop where you can purchase good luck charms and trinkets. I found the little guy on the left and Mr. brought the other one home last night. They are both made of delicate porcelain.

The wooden plaque is also a good luck charm for my friends in New Zealand (when I get around to sending it!).

My neighbor gave the boys some lovely early blooming flowers yesterday. They smell divine. I think they are a kind of daffodil.


  1. I agree these cows are very dignified, but weather its the year of the cow ox or bull I hope this year is a happy one for you all. Happy New Year!!

  2. the one on the right is very dignified and bull-like, you're right!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Happy New Year to the Meeabees! HOpe 2009 is full of fun and good things.

    I am sure Eleanor will be pleased to hear it is the year of the cow - she loves them! We went to a farm the other day and she fed some baby calves and lambs etc - and has been singing Old Macdonald ever since!

    Oooh, I hope the wooden plaque is for us (?) - we have a space on our wall...
    Lots of love
    Cathy xx


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