Before Little Guy was born I subscribed to a really cool magazine. Sadly it didn't last more than a few issues before it went out of publication. The company I had subscribed through were pretty good in that they offered to give me a sub for another magazine but it took absolutely forever to have anything confirmed. Lots of emails and frustration.

That's how I came to be a subscriber of Dwell. Sadly I don't enjoy this magazine as much I enjoyed the television series by the same name. Since I don't have a background in architecture or design I find the articles heavy going. Even a bit pretentious. Probably because I have never heard of most of the designers. And most of the homes while beautiful are way out of my price bracket and a bit too modern for my liking.

A magazine that I do really like is Australian Real Living. Katharine from Alfalfa has been kind enough to send me several issues of this great magazine over the past year. She got me hooked and I subscribed. My first issue came today. I was so excited! The subscription started so quickly. I took advantage of the strong yen versus the New Zealand dollar at the moment so I am getting it for a song even with the high cost of shipping internationally.

So this afternoon I spent a luxurious half hour lying on the couch swooning over the gorgeous decor and craft projects in this beautifully photographed and vibrant magazine. I got it here, Mag Shop. You can use PayPal!

This week I've spent a lot of time lying on the couch. I'm still dragging with this sore throat. A lovely sunny day today helped a lot though.

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