A mid-winter picnic

It was gorgeous weather here until about an hour ago. In a totally spontaneous way we grabbed our jackets and a blanket then cycled to the boardwalk by the sea for a picnic lunch.

That's the international airport across the sea there. To get to it you drive across a 3km long bridge.

We love spending time here. The park is perfectly manicured. There are kid-friendly slopes for biking down, alcoves that are great for soccer games, rocks to climb on and of course the sea breeze.

It's started to cloud over now and we are reminded this is supposed to be winter! Look at the blue sky earlier.


  1. if it wasnt for the clothes the boys have on it could be in Sydney today!

  2. yes! although it's about 20 degrees cooler :) had a good day

  3. Noah looks like a model standing on that rock.


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