More creating days

Biggie went to the library this morning. He was really excited about finding the book of projects from the Art Attack program. His dad bought him a lovely new set of acrylic poster paints so he is in seventh heaven this afternoon. This will be a kind of pop-up card. He copied the picture since it's his first attempt at this kind of project.

Meanwhile I put in an hour or so at the machine. I am making toddler bags in this fabulous frog fabric.

Little Guy has a frog sandpit so frog (kaeru) is one of the words he says quite often. Even though he is two and a half most of what he says is still incomprehensible. It was the same with Biggie for quite a long time so we're not worried. I find it interesting though that both of them spoke a lot more Japanese initially than English even though I only speak English to them.


  1. Devil Boy is only 2 1/2 year old too and his speaking ability is still very baby like. His sister was like talking to a tiny little adult at 2 1/2. I think it is a boy thing. He has far better hand eye coordination than she did at the same age and is overall more physically coordinated too.

  2. Exactly as my little guy when he was 2 1\2 Blooming. Even at 3, I'd look at those age appropriate numbers of words--50 by 3 for ex. and go, Huh. I can barely make out 6 words. And way more japanese than English. Those were the days! Now I can't hear myself think for all the talking!! Just returned from a trip home and a visit with the cousins--now all I hear is: Ouch, awesome and never mind. lol

    hope your holidays were happy, despite staying in Nihon:)

  3. It's the bilingual boy thing I guess. Mr. Mee a Bee remembers Biggie being the same but I remember him as being a chatterbox right from his second birthday, I might be mistaken though.

    Ruth - nice to see you back, sounds like your vacation was fab!

    Sherry - my little Houdini is super-coordinated and fearless lie Devil Boy. Very very sporty.


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