More invasion of privacy?

This morning I read about a new (new to me) people search engine on the web. is touted as the most comprehensive people search on the web. I put it to the test and had it search for an old friend of mine. I've been searching for this person for quite a few years, on and off, via the Internet. I've come up with nothing everytime. Until today! managed to find a myspace page even though my friend is listed by first name and last initial only! Pretty amazing.

I searched for myself of course :) there were no results for me under my maiden name. Not surprising since the Internet was all new back then. There is a lot about me on the net, mainly related to my shop but also some old posts about playmates for Biggie. It's a good reminder for us to be careful about what personal information we give to the multitude of websites and how easy it would be for this information to fall into the wrong hands. Remember once it's on the web it is impossible to remove. allows search by email, user name and phone number so it would be pretty easy to find a person who thought they were being careful.

As for my friend. Now that I have found him I don't really feel the need to get in touch! After all that!

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