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My hair. The bane of my life. So much trouble.

Today we are going to visit the in-laws to greet them for the New Year. My hair is desperate and awful so at quarter past eleven last night I decided a color might help.

A few months ago I bought a L'Oreal home hair dye hoping it might be the same formulation as what I would use at home. I am happy to say it is! My hair looks really shiny, very natural and best of all no grey! I am really pleased.

I chose L'Oreal Nuance/Feria in a chocolate brown color. The pack came with gloves. The picture instructions plus some experience in dying my hair previously made it easy to work out what to do. I recommend it 100%.

The actual dye is quite revolutionary as it goes on clear. It's only when you wash it off that it looks brown. This means your face and ears are not stained brown and drops of if don't end up all over the bathroom!

See ya later!


  1. I'm using Movida here and I'm very happy with it. However, having a clear dye and no dark stains around your face during the procedure sounds too good!

  2. I've never seen or heard of Movida. I love your color though. It might be similar to mine I think.

  3. Movida is from Garnier - maybe that's a company name.
    I use dark brown tone, not yet black but dark enough :)

  4. We have Garnier in NZ but I've never seen it here in Japan. I sometimes use Fructis, that's one of their shampoo brands.

    Black ... would be too harsh for me but a warm chocolate brown is nice and natural for me

  5. Do you know I did exactly the same! Except after a 'radical' experiment at the hairdressers that was not what I thought I wanted (think dark brown with white blonde and fire engine red foils - sometimes I forget I'm not in my early 20s anymore!) I just wanted to go back to my good ol blonde again. Except now I'm a kind of gingery blondey brown. So much for that. My first day back at work I cut my own fringe too.

    But I think there is a lot to be said for DIY hairdressing! I agree the Loreal ones are excellent. I'm so glad you had such a positive experience with it - it makes SUCH a difference to how you feel.


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