New Year Fun at Mee a Bee HQ

My creation, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

1. Little Guy's hands are frozen, 2. Little Guy hates having his photo taken, 3. Mr and Mrs Mee a Bee, 4. Biggie is airborne


  1. Those are really good pictures. You look really good. Biggie looks so big in that picture. Little guy is really cute.

  2. Thanks Sal! I have developed quite a Chatty Cafe double chin sadly but "Oh well".
    Biggie is huge - he's almost 130cm tall! 25 kg

    Little Guy said No No No and covered up his face when he saw the camera :(

  3. Happy New Year Jacqui, the photos are lovely, looks chilly there too.
    34oc here :)

  4. Lovely photos! It's nice to meet your Family!!!!! :)

  5. Fantastic photos Jacqui! What a photogenic family is the Mee A Bees!


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