Odds and Ends

Today I've done a lot of odd jobs around the house. First I tackled our upstairs storage/attic. It had become impassable at points and was probably a fire hazard. I also felt the weight of all the junk above us in a bad feng shui negative energy kind of way. It took several hours and I made great progress.

In cleaning out old maternity clothes, too small baby clothes and old toys nobody will ever play with again I uncovered a pair of striped denim maternity shorts. They were pretty well worn and will never be worn by me again so I cast them to the rubbish pile. I first removed all the buttons and buckles that may be re-used. I cut out one of the back pockets and attached it to Biggie's jeans to mend a gaping hole he had there. Coarse Gold Girl might recognize the fabric. They were her shorts originally. So they have really been used well. Just doing our bit for the environment!

While I had the sewing box out I whipped up two placemats for Biggie. He needs a clean one each day for school (so proper!). Having a clean one is quite a struggle for me especially in the cold months when washing is often not done in a timely fashion. A couple of extras will help. These fabrics are the fat quarters I found at the shops the other day. They were exactly the right size. They're backed with a remnant I found for $2.80 so all up the project cost me about $5 or $6.00. Nice!

Now I am off to finish cutting up old cardboard boxes to be recycled. All in all a good day.


  1. You have a very good start in new year!
    We had guests yesterday, so I guess that's a good start too :)

  2. you could have used those shorts as backing for the placemats... FREE!!!! In fact the fronts, too!!! (i am soooooo cheap!!!)

  3. Actually Jan, MissBehaving told me you do that. I really tried but I couldn't get a large enough piece out of it. They were a bit worn out in parts and had a lot of extra detailing and chunky seams. I have kept the fabric for jean repairs since it's a good color and has that nice worn out look.

    Not cheap! environmentally conscious!


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