Chatty Cafe is pretty popular, as you know. I have about 40 chatters on my roll. If each group of four came once a month that would be ten cafes a month. With an average of four weeks in a month you can see that I'd be very busy.

At the start of the year I made a decision to limit Chatty Cafe to once a week. This is already proving difficult with all the requests coming in. I've had to refuse two groups for next week alone! Uuurrggh. I hate to do that it because I don't like to disappoint the chatters. I like having the extra money too. But I have to be realistic. Chatty Cafe means Little Guy has to go to the babysitter. It also means I am busier with baking and cleaning which translates into me getting very tired (since I also have sewing to do at night). I just have to bite the bullet and stand firm - once a week, first come first served.

It's the age-old tug of war that mothers face: balancing work and family. Making time for personal pursuits versus giving quality time to raising the children. There will always have to be be compromises.


  1. Well that's exactly the subject on Nanny tonight -balancing family and a home based business. You have made the right decission.

  2. Yes I suppose. Anyway it's only another year or so until Little Guy would be OK for more activities.

  3. Yes I did abig study on work life balance last year and you are on the right track.Dont feel guilty and dont forget to look after the most important person Mrs Mee a Bee!!!
    Well Donex

  4. do you think the little guy is ready for one or two days at a hoikuen... you could have one or two days to get things done and have a little more energy for "mom" stuff when he's home and "bag lady/ chatter leader" stuff when he's at school...

  5. Well Jan .... I would love to find something that was one day a week for later in the year. He's only two right now and I feel that's a bit young to be shipping him off. I may ask my friends if they'd be interested in helping out, probably after the summer, he'll be three then and less of a handful. Actually he's improving slowly but surely I think (I hope)


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