Selling: Ikea Quilt

A friend of mine asked me to pick up a quilt for her at Ikea last weekend. I can't believe I did this but I got the wrong one - for the second time!! for the same friend!! I will take it back next time I go but I thought I'd try to sell it online first. I have listed it on Tell and Sell.

It's a queen-sized (200 cm x 200 cm) down-filled quilt. We have one ourselves and I can honestly say I have never been so warm and cozy at night. If you think you need a new quilt then email me and I'll set you up with this one. It's un-opened. See the IKEA website for more information.

And don't tell my friend I am such a doofus!


  1. I reckon your friend wont mind that it is the big size, it'll be extra warm.
    My guess is she'll buy it anyway!!

  2. Oh damn it - I forgot to restrict access to this post!!!

  3. don't worry I wont tell a soul!!
    My lips are sealed.

    I am a little clairvoyant, I see her getting it in the post. I see her putting cash in an envelope and sending it off to you.
    Don't worry, it'll be fine, I can feel it in my water.


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