She's coming along

The boy is done too. I just can't seem to work out how to save anything. It's all gibberish I mean Japanese on Mr. Mee a Bee's computer.

Isn't she cute though? Look at her bag!


  1. I love illustrator and CS3, do you use the bamboo tablet?

  2. nooooo. I have a very limited knowledge of it.

    you can search my blog and see I did a trial last year of CS3.

    It's too expensive for me

  3. OH.. I thought you used a bamboo tablet.. you did a fabulous job.. I would have never guessed you were were Novice.. it is.. but so worth it, if you plan to really use it but 50000yen for soft... not chump change.. hehe

  4. Very cute. I do love her messanger bag!

  5. Thanks!

    Girl Japan I have no idea what a Bamboo tablet is ... I just did the 30 day trial, learned a few tricks, really only used it for a wekk since it was SO HARD. It's a lot of trial and error. Mr. has an old version not even a CS version so it's very basic in its capabilities which is probably just as well for me.
    I won't buy it since sewing is my gig really :)

    Thanks Sofia's mama for popping in!! let's get that swap organised, I am low on marmite!

  6. Well done Mrs Mee a Bee keep it up its very very cute

  7. You've done a fantastic job on her! Extraordinarily cute - and great job on the messenger bag...I love it. Can't wait to see the little boy version!


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