The sun is back

Great relief, it's sunny today. We're up and full of energy. Grey days are so depressing. I am pleased it's a nice albeit cold day as it's Biggie's first day back at school. The start of the third and final term of the year. Wow, the year has gone by quickly. He'll be in the second grade soon!

The school holidays were pretty great. I enjoyed having Biggie home. We do miss him when he's out all day. I have one tiny complaint about the holidays. Homework! Whoever heard of such a thing? Biggie put in at least an hour everyday. He was happy to do it since he's a dedicated student. Part of his homework included going for a walk while being mindful of traffic safety. Other days he was outside practicing with his skipping rope. In the evening he took it upon himself to wipe the table to fulfill the "help around the house" requirement.

It did seem to be a nice balance of activities. And I suppose, looking back, the homework gave him purpose each day. I was never once subjected to "I'm boooooooooreeeeed, there's nothing to do!". I think I remember saying that about two hundred times a day when I was a kid.

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