Sunday starts out slowly

What happened to Saturday? I missed it! I don't even seem to care. That's terrible isn't it? I realized pretty late last night but I just had nothing.

It was freezing so we stayed inside all day. It was like going to Siberia putting out the washing. My hands were so cold I thought I might get chilblains if I sat too close to the heater when I came back inside.

I enjoyed an afternoon nap on the couch and later I watched Collateral (Jamie Foxx!) on television. There was no sewing or even cooking with the exception of toasted sandwiches for lunch. We had heat & eat curry for dinner.

Sunday is starting out the same ... but I should do something while Mr. Mee a Bee is here to keep the kids occupied. Probably should drag out the ironing board. Or I could just stay in my pjs all day under a blanket.


  1. Op for the latter sounds good to me if its a cold old day, would do you the world of good to just relax...

  2. I loved Collateral. I think Tom Cruise is much better suited to the role of the villain than the hero.

    Suffering in the heat over here.

  3. Thanks Shayne, yes feel refreshed after a day of nothing.

    Alf - I love Tom Cruise! not him personally these days but all his films are great. I guess he's been a fave of mine since the days of Top Gun (you're too young to remember that right?) :)

  4. kayla has chilblains on her fingers. they hurt and itch... poor girl!!!

    i have laundry all over outside, under cover, it is raining, and all over the chairs in the house. so cold to hang it out!!!


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