Thank You!

A couple of months ago, perhaps just after my mother left, I received a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Nerida of Craftjuice. I can't remember the exact details of the day but no doubt I was feeling worn out and worn down by my kids so the parcel was a huge pick me up. Thank you Nerida.

Among other things there were several pieces of gorgeous printed fabrics from Ikea. Last night I finally managed to get two of the projects done. You know I can't look at material without seeing bags. So I have a new storage bag for our grocery bags and a new shopping tote.

The material is so lovely to sew. It's substantial enough to be able to finger press. Perfect for the lazy seamstress who can't be bothered getting the iron out. I managed to sew these two things almost entirely without ironing! A welcome relief from the precision required for Mee a Bee bags for sale.

Mr. Mee a Bee really likes this black and cream material. He thinks the blobby things look like some sort of prehistoric creatures.

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  1. You are VERY welcome...the bags look great! I like that lotus pod looking one too :)


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