Tidy House Tidy Mind

At the end of the day I like to see how my shop is looking. Before the weekend I give it a freshen up. Usually I organize the "shelves" by color.

Etsy sellers will know I "renew" items which I select in groups of three based on how they look together.

I like the overall effect. Let's hope the customers do too. I have an interesting statistic about my shop. Most visitors (be they customers or not) are from the California area. I'd love to know what draws them to Mee a Bee, all that's cute from Japan.

Tidy house Tidy mind - one of Dad's most recited proverbs when I was growing up :)


  1. Tidy house tidy mind is true to the word I have to say lets the energy flow free
    Love that green apple bag just feel like taking a big bite!

  2. i love the idea of having a tidy shop. good one. and how can you get the statistics on where your visitors are from? please tell me. i am very curious about my shop.

  3. Hi Leslie
    You've got to sign up for google analytics. on your etsy site. it's easy to do. check the storque for more info. I really recommend it. I am getting to see which websites are referring people most. You can check the effectiveness of your online advertising. It's great!


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