What a morning!

I'm always pretty busy the day of Chatty Cafe. This morning there was an extra element added into the mix. Biggie was home too. Seven out of thirty two kids in his class are sick with the flu which has resulted in his class being closed for the next two days. Biggie is fine, touch wood, but he's home! Normally that wouldn't have been a problem but our babysitter's daughter is in Biggie's class. The chances were high that she was one of the sick children. Luckily for me she is not and even luckier her mum offered to take both of my kids for the morning instead of just Little Guy. I packed them off with half of the chocolate cake and they had a great time!

I had a moment of complete empathy for working mums earlier. When I was dropping the kids off Little Guy walked away from the car, tripped and smashed his chin onto the concrete. Of course he started crying. I wondered what I would do if he hadn't stopped crying. He wasn't seriously hurt (just a slight graze). He cheered up when he saw the Tupperware with the cake in it and went inside happily. I made it home with ten minutes to spare. I'm sure that happens to working mums all the time and I wonder how sympathetic their bosses are to their plight.


  1. 11 out of 40...jr high..grade one...

    all club activities for today are cancelled.... but school is still on.

    5th grade teacher out with the flu but all the kids were ok...

    i feel a bit tired and draggy today..... oh no!!!!

    working moms have it tough, i think..

  2. Yeah ... we've kind of talked ourselves into feeling sick here too. I've had a sore throat for a few days and Biggie has a sniffle. It's the rain we've been having - feeling lackluster all round.

    Hope you pull through with nothing worse than "draggy".

  3. I have my biggie home today! His class is closed too!

    He is here in the office with me as working Mummy desperately tries to meet at deadline!!

  4. Oh no! Well I am sure he has plenty to do to keep himself occupied.


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