Bags for Boys

Last night I spent the evening reading Small Magazine, following links and marking favorite pages.

I wonder why none of the boys in the photo shoots have bags? Could it be that Mee a Bee is what they've been looking for?

One of the little boys in the spread has a beautiful leather satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. I want one, seriously.

Here is my latest attempt at a stylized photo. It is so much harder than it looks.


  1. Are those our old books in the bag? I think I found them for sale on I really liked those books and I want to get them for Emily. They semmed to have second hand ones for sale. They had no photos which was why I wasn't sure. Is this one "Carpentry: Making Things with Wood" (New Puffin Picture Books) (Paperback)
    by Diana Gribble (Author), Hilary McPhee (Author). What other ones do you have?

  2. I love the satchel link.
    My brown satchel was my first ever school bag, think I am going to buy one.

  3. I bought one!!!!!


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