Biggie's Big Day

Today is a big day for Biggie. His grade at school is putting on a small show. There will be some gymnastic demonstrations, a song and a dance and a couple of other things. Biggie has been practicing for a few weeks. He told me last night that he has volunteered to greet the audience and start the show! He even had to write the welcome speech himself. I love his teacher.

This morning he washed his face very carefully and I helped him spike up his hair. He's going to be all sparkly and handsome. Looks like this kid has a career in public speaking ahead of him. I'm so excited!


  1. I know how excited you must be! Enjoy the day. Watching your child on stage is one of life's best pleasures.

  2. It was an excellent little show. Just 41 minutes long, perfect for Little Guy. We really enjoyed it.
    Thanks Carol!

  3. I'm really proud of you Biggie, I hope it all went well for you.


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