One of the best things about running this blog is meeting people - fantastic people - from all around the world. Today I received two beautiful letters from lovely people who read my blog. It's so great to hear from you. I love hearing your stories. It inspires me and motivates me to do more. Thank you! If you're a regular here at Blooming drop me a line!

On the topic of connecting lets talk about Twitter. It's the hottest craze, overtaking Facebook in terms of popularity at the moment. I've even heard it said Facebook is "so 2008" (gasp!). I'll tell you what Twitter is for me right now. A huge time gobbler. I'm following about fifteen hundred people I don't really know and am being followed by almost a thousand virtual strangers. They don't stay strangers for long though if you sit in front of your PC clicking on their "tweets" obsessively like I have been.

I have a new book coming in the mail soon about using Twitter to create a following for your business. I like this guy, Joel Comm. Don't forget I am a marketing geek with the framed piece of paper to prove it.


  1. I loved taking my marketing courses.. but twitter... really? Another site I have to join....eeekk

  2. Twitter!!!

    Yes, marketing, I have a Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Waikato. I majored in Marketing.

    Things have changed so much with the advent of the internet so I'd love to get back to do some courses, one day!

  3. good lord mee a bee... i am resisting joining twitter for as long as possible otherwise I will never leave my computer!! I am already becoming obsessed with blogging and I only started this week! ha thanks for your posts also so much more exciting than emails dont you think?

  4. Thanks for the link to Joel Comm. I'm assuming the book is Twitter Power. I'm planning a trip to the bookstore tonight so I'm going to check it out!

  5. Yes, Lisa, it is that one. Mine's on order from the US, should be here in a week or so. I have another book by Joel Comm too, Click here to Buy. It's a kind of history of the great Internet marketers. Interesting but not a "how to" book so I cna't wait for Twitter Power to arrive!


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