I have been accused of "going over to the dark side" for my love of High School Musical (I do it for my kids!!!!). I may be way behind the times but while I was looking up the cast of HSM I happened to spy that Footloose is in pre-production, slated for release next year. Zac Efron aka Troy Bolton will play the character originally played by Kevin Bacon back in 1984. Won't that be fun! I was about 12 when that movie came out. It has an enduring quality I guess. Certainly the song has lasted.


  1. Come, join me on the dark side my friend. It's not like it's Taylor Hicks, now is it?

  2. Goodness no that would be blasphemy, Taylor Hicks!!

    Happy to be in the gang with you my friend!

  3. oh no!!! I hope they don't mess up the original fabulousness that FOOTLOOSE was when I saw it in college.... (damn , mee a bee.. you were only 12???)

  4. Dark.Side. Keep me away from it!

    I love Footloose. I think I'll rent it this weekend.

  5. Maybe 13? I was born in 71
    I started high school in 1985 so it was probably when I was 12 :) just a young'un??? hehehehe

  6. You didnt need to be a teenager to enjoy it when it came out....
    I cant tell you how many times I have seen it since and still catch it when it appears in the movie greats...
    Sometimes though its best to sick to the orginal and let time stand still for just a little while.

  7. I'm not sure about these re-makes...they don't seem as 'school girl magical' as they used to be.Ahhh the innocence of yoof!

    Although I will be eternally envious that my daughter's Willy Wonka is Johnny Depp and mine is Gene fair.

  8. I think it will be a hit with the 'tweens but a big disappointment for those of us who saw the original. It's usually the way.

  9. It IS the dark side, there is no coming back.
    I wish you well...buh bye ;)

    And as for remaking Footloose. Why? Why?
    I LOVE Kevin.

  10. watch it missB I might think you are serious one day.


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