Gearing up for Summer

It's been beautiful weather these past few days - warm and spring-like. Lovely! I like to spend as much time outside with the kids as possible when the weather is nice. Playing with the balls or watching them ride their bikes.

What I like best is to take a coffee and a pile of magazines out to the front step. I've been planning some outdoor cushions for a while so I was really happy when my friend gave me this pretty printed canvas material for Christmas. I made these two cushion covers this afternoon while Little Guy was napping (an hour and a half project).

The fabric is made by Japanese company Lecien under the brand name "Noisette Lane". It's quite heavy weight cotton which should be easy to care for. I added pink rick rack loops to each cushion corner so I can hang them in the storage cupboard near the front door. They close with velcro. And do you like the flanged edges? I had to look that up in a book I have from Spotlight (a craft shop in NZ and Australia).

See the cookies on the table? Devoted mother (that's me) has made Melting Moments today. These are here waiting for Biggie when he gets home from school. Melting Moments are kind of shortbread biscuit sandwiched with vanilla icing or sometimes jam. I made pink vanilla icing for mine. They'll look pretty for tomorrow's Chatty Cafe I think.

OK here comes Biggie! Off to try out my new outdoor relaxation corner!


  1. Funny I never seem to far behind you checking out your blog when you have just posted something new for us to read, Mrs Mee a Bee you are a star Cushions Cakes and Curos never a dull moment for you.

  2. oh! Your cushions are so pretty! I can almost feel spring coming looking at them. I'm so sad I will be leaving Japan before the cherry blossoms bloom though.(*o*)/

  3. This picture looks very much like it should be in Martha's magazine:)

    I wish I could be there with you on your front step.

  4. The pillows are beautiful. I really like the fabric, and you did a great job on them...and the cookies are really cute. I am still trying to understand why there is still snow here and it looks beautiful there. ( - ;

  5. I just wanted to say that I'm glad I found your blog! Your life seems so idyllic (I know, with two little boys, it really isn't - I have three of my own who are grown now:) but the idea of living in Japan, near the sea, is a nice contrast to winter here in Tennessee, USA.

  6. Very cute cushions! They look comfy and inviting. I just read the post that you left on my blog (I forget to check old comments sometimes oops). Sounds good :)


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