Houdini Returns

This morning a child was heard wailing beseechingly "mummy, muuuuummmmyy" between the hours of 5 and 7am.

Little Guy. I think 5 am is an unreasonable time to wake up. Today I was determined to ignore him until seven to see if he would go back to sleep.

You might wonder why he doesn't just come out of his room? He can't because I block the hall with a high security gate. This might seem mean, essentially he is locked in his room. Yesterday I was given a swift reminder about how dangerous things can be.

I was sitting in the sun reading after I had put him down for his nap. It was all quiet and I thought he was asleep until I heard the front door open. Surely not Biggie, it's too early. Who came walking in? Little Guy. Exclaiming "I'm back!". I asked where he had been and he replied "outside".

OUTSIDE??? OUTSIDE???? The gate at the end of the hall was locked but he had managed to unlock the sliding door in his room and climb out the window! You cannot imagine how dangerous this is. Not moments before I'd had the gas meter reader here so the gate that leads to the road was open. Another twenty minutes later a big truck pulled up to replace the propane gas tank, again the gate was open. A little later another truck was here delivering my groceries.

Earlier this week I returned from the bathroom to find Little Guy making his own toast, with the toaster. Two days ago I found him sitting on the bench with two of my sharpest knives hacking at an apple. Nothing in this house is out of reach or out of bounds as far as he is concerned.

Terrible twos, we're halfway through. Wake me up when it's over.


  1. Eeek!
    I have the kitchen blocked off but Little Fish can still get over the counter from the sofa and into the sink. Scary days ahead. I'm thinking of wrapping him in a hamster ball.

  2. I hear you :)
    Nothing drastic as this has happened here, but I'm aware that no locks are secure enough for Tristan. And in a way, I'm glad to live in appartment instead a big house...
    Hang in there!

  3. I kind of gave up. It seems to be working for us though. If Mommy doesn't have a screaming fit and pass out on the floor from shock it isn't all that much fun so why bother?

  4. I think you're right Sherry. I calmly put him into his bed and he went to sleep. Today he had his door open but he didn't go out.


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