How was your Saturday?

We had a really good day. Biggie is away for the weekend so it was very quiet. Little Guy and I had fun cooking in the morning. He loves to help in the kitchen. It's true that the key to getting kids to eat is to have them prepare the food themselves. Nobody else even got a look in with this banana. Next time I will experiment with brussel sprouts.

After a lot of arguing about nap-time I finally got a moment to myself in the afternoon. I managed to get a sewing project underway that I have been procrastinating over for a while.

The toddler-sized book bag in my popular Robot n' Orange combo really is adorable. I have just a few small pieces left of the felt and robot fabric. It won't be available again so if you want one of these bags let me know ASAP. I might make some pencil cases or something to use up the smallest bits.

I finished sewing this late last night. Of course I can only sew when Little Guy is not around. I don't usually sew and watch TV since I have to concentrate. But as I was here by myself last night I sewed and watched American Idol and some re-runs of CSI. I also treated myself to a DVD. I went to the "Chick Flick" section and got Marie Antoinette. I know Mr. Mee a Bee would have been bored to tears. Kirsten Dunst is just so cute I really enjoyed it.

At the last minute I grabbed another DVD which turned out to be a Blu-Ray Disc. I had no idea what Blu-Ray was. Silly me, it's a totally different system and I cannot watch it (I looked it up and it's a blue lasor not a red one???) I am so out of touch with technology.

Speaking of technology and mispronouncing things. My friend Tamikat will laugh when she remembers me saying Wi-Fi to her the other day. I said "whiffy". She soon set me straight :) Wi-Fi

Sunday? no plans ... yet.

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  1. I know you must be joking about brussel sprouts. Yuk! They love them here but baby doesn't like them. Little guy is getting big.


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