Idyllic Life?

I had a comment about my life seeming idyllic. It's funny because that's exactly what I thought yesterday after I read your lovely comments about my new cushions. I certainly give the impression that life is all roses here. It is a lot of the time. But not all the time!

As much as I like living here there are still so many things I prefer to do at home in New Zealand. I have a list of things I need to do next time I go:

Visit the dentist
Get a decent haircut and professional color
Have a facial - I love micro-dermabrasion
Get my rings cleaned
Have a checkup (essential for women)

Then there's the shopping list:

eye drops
throat lozenges
kid's toothbrushes

But most of all I'll be looking forward to seeing my friends and family. It's been three years since I was last there. I've had another kid since then that most of them have never seen.

I think it's time for Frugal Dougal to return so I can save up for a trip.

And thanks for all the lovely comments on yesterday's post. Looks like I spoke too soon as the clouds are back.


  1. Sometimes we like to fantisise about others lives We all have good times and bad wishes and hopes. But your blog does bring lots of smiles and inspiration to alot of people. Keep it up Mrs Meeabee you do a wonderful job :)

  2. And here's me fantasising at the moment about going to live in Japan!

    You're a freakin superwoman/wife/mum. AND have time to make incredible cushions and gorgeous biscuits! I can't even make dinner half the time!

    Tell you what, after your haircut and a visit to the chemist, I'll meet you at Tanuki's Cave in Queen Street, Auckland and we'll paint the town red.

  3. Nerida you'd see how it is for real if you visited me (NOT LIKE THE PARADISE YOU IMAGINE). my door's always open!

    painting the town sounds great!


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